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Mask With a Meaningful Cause

Buy a mask to support a local food charity - Free Food For All Ltd

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*only black masks available

Hi there! We are receiving pre-orders for masks made by a social enterprise - her works- from Laos!

For every mask sold, $2 will also be donated to Free Food For All Ltd - a local SG food charity that provides food for the disadvantaged community (e.g. elderly living alone or migrant workers).

All the donations will via a fundraising platform,, to make use of the government initiative of matching $1 to every $1 donation.


This means the social contribution of $2 for each mask will eventually equate to $4.

"I tested the mask by wearing it during a 15 mins HITT workout, which makes me certain that the breathability of the mask is much better than others sold in the market. The mask also does not fog up my spectacles due to its adjustable nose bridge. Rest assured that I am supporting it only because the of quality of the product, which fits its purpose. A unique point is its antibacterial fabric which sustains at least 150 washes while other reusable masks only can wash for up to 30 times" - Symphony

Price for each Mask:

$8.90 each

Delivery cost
1 to 4 Masks: $1
5 to 10 Masks: $2
>10 Masks: $2.50

*only black masks available

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