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Bel Around the World by Isabel

This week, join us with Isabel, digital nomad and full-time travel blogger of Bel Around The World. Read on to find out more about her journey on converting her dreams into reality!

1. Tell us more about Bel Around the World!

I'm Isabel, digital nomad and full-time travel blogger of Bel Around The World. I started this blog as a hobby when I was doing my international exchange in France during university.

Since being a digital nomad, I’ve had the privilege of getting out of Singapore and living abroad in New Zealand, Japan and Hawaii.

Now, I’m at a capacity where I’m able to earn money on autopilot off the blog, as well as hire a remote team to scale up.

On top of full-time blogging, I'm also working as an independent consultant managing digital marketing in the fields of SEO, social media and Public Relations.

2. Tell us more about yourself!

I graduated with Psychology and Corporate Communication majors. I’ve worked in the fields of PR and social media in agencies. Also, I did freelance writing and personal training on the side while I was still studying, both of where my interests lie.

Rather than working to appease people and slogging hard for someone else's dream, I’ve now decided to make my own dreams a reality.

3. What was the life changing moment/story that made u do a switch to your current role? Or has it always been your childhood ambition?

A year after graduation, I had the opportunity to go to New Zealand on a paid journalist assignment.

Having always wanted to live and work abroad to experience a different environment, I took that as a sign to finally do something for myself. I decided the corporate life was not for me and so I left everything and took a plunge to do a 6-month working holiday in New Zealand subsequently.

Coming from the city, I found myself falling in love with the simplicity of a rural village when I lived in a small town in New Zealand, Fox Glacier, and doing crazy adventures I would never get to do in Singapore like gliding, or camping on top of a glacier. When my working holiday visa was up, I contemplated entering back into the workforce when I return to Singapore again, but every fibre of my being just didn’t want to.

With an opportunity to live in the mountains of Japan, I decided then to give myself a 3 month full-time blogging period to either make it or break it during these 3 months in Japan.

And I made it!

4. What are the difficulties did u face when starting out as a travel blogger?

The single biggest challenge is in having a consistent income and traffic. I researched really well to make sure I’m on the right track, and was really disciplined about hitting my income goals when I first started out. I also did my best to keep costs to a minimum.

While my family never got why I wouldn’t want to just get a stable job and a stable income, I managed to prove to them that my blog was more than able to supplement any income a job could offer.

5. How did u overcome those difficulties?

I wasn’t afraid to seek advice from the online community from other fellow travel bloggers. My start-up costs weren’t high to begin with so I wasn’t struggling monetary-wise.

As long as you believe in yourself and not have a single doubt in your mind about what you love to do, you’ll never go wrong.

You are your own worst enemy. Don’t let the fear of failing or the fear of doing something unknown stop you from achieving greatness. You are who you think you are. You can be who you want to be. All it takes is belief in yourself.

6. What satisfaction did u gain from taking the plunge?

Financial and work freedom! I am no longer confined to a cubicle, I could work from wherever I want and whenever I want, I am sowing the fruits of my own labour, I am constantly meeting new people outside of my circle who inspire me, I get to do what I love – travel, I get to learn many soft skills outside of work too like communication and adaptability, and I discover something new about myself every time I put myself outside my comfort zone. I’m more in love with nature, connecting with cultures, and places I've never been more than ever.

Most all, through my travels, I've learned that travelling isn't just about checking off destinations. Spreading hope, joy and new experiences to others, while realizing that we are all citizens of this world with more similarities than we think we do is the greatest fulfilment of all.

From travelling across continents in Europe, Asia and Oceania, I've learned that there is more to life than chasing the corporate race. It is about experiencing the world and taking life lessons from the people we meet of different cultures and perspectives. It is about trusting yourself and pursuing what you love despite facing external oppositions - which explains how I am living my dream of working on my own brand and spreading the word of travel.

7. Will you go through the same process if you have a chance to decide again?

Hell yeah! And I think everyone who has a passion for something should totally give themselves a chance too! 8. What word of advice will you have to give a younger you if you get a chance to?

You are your own worst enemy. Don’t let the fear of failing or the fear of doing something unknown stop you from achieving greatness. You are who you think you are.

You can be who you want to be. All it takes is belief in yourself.

Pay attention to yourself – what makes you excited to get up every morning? What makes you feel enraged? Frustrated? What do you stand strongly for or against? Where do you find your mind drifting off to? If you don’t yet know what you want, keep looking. Never settle.

Think about where and what your future self would be and take steps today to work towards it.

9. Where do you see Bel Around the World landing 3 to 5 years from now, or even tomorrow?

I hope that Bel Around The World will be one of the leading travel blogs out there, a trustworthy brand where people would go to for travel resource guides and travel inspiration. I hope that I’ll be an icon for girls to empower and embolden themselves and step out and pursue their dreams.


About the Author:

Bel Around The World is the one place where Isabel showcase tales of new discoveries, adventure and personal growth through writing and photography. A site dedicated to useful travel guides and tips from around the world for the millennial travellers, it aims to expand the possibilities of travel to everyone. Up to date, Isabel has covered plenty of regions from Europe to Asia, including niche markets such as Bhutan, Maldives and New Zealand.

Find travel guides, tips and hacks at Bel Around The World now!

Do also check out Isabel's latest video - "Why Travel Blogging As A Career - My Real Story Revealed!"

You can also find more information on Bel Around the World at:

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