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Judy Tay, Property Blogger

This week, we have with us Judy Tay! For over 9 years, Judy has been a property agent with Propnex Realty, and has successful helped many achieve their goal of buying and selling their dream home. Read on to find out more about Judy's real estate journey!

This is the story of my real estate journey.

After I finished my final university exam, I knew immediately that I wanted to become a 🏠 property agent.

I told many people about this decision and these were their comments.

“The market is too saturated.”

“It’s very tough la. I was also a property agent and it was so hard to close so I quit after a few months”

“U study university just to become a property agent?”

“Only a few people can make it leh” 😏

No matter what people said, I refused to listen. I did not want to be affected by negativity. I believe that every industry is tough. Every job will definitely have people who perform very well and people who do badly. So to me as long as there are people who are doing well, I believe I can be like them too. Why do you need to compare yourself with the lousiest right? 💪🏻

The start was the toughest. When I just started, people judged me and thought I’m just a flower vase🏺 and would quit easily. But I proved them wrong! I got my first few leads by 🚪 door knocking. I door knocked alone for about 3 hours each time and about 3 times a week. That was the scariest 😨and most tiring way of prospecting but I did it anyway. I also did roadshows, telemarketing and flyers distribution. Honestly, everytime I do all these I really thought that it was tough. 🤧

But it’s all worth it when customers compliment you, when you receive your first award and when you achieve your goals and dreams! 🤩People who have the courage to take the first step, who persevere till the end, who believe in themselves and who are willing to go out of their comfort zone will definitely be successful. Slowly but surely.

Many people thought that it must be because I have the connections that’s why I managed to do it. Till today, I have never closed a single deal from my dad. Believe it or not. And initially when I first started, my friends also did not engage me. People only dared to engage me when they see that I’m doing well. Because it is sensitive to do business with friends or family sometimes.

If I can choose again, i will still choose this career path. Don’t ever let your fear stop you from achieving your goals and dreams! 🌈


About the writer:

"I'm Judy Tay from Propnex Realty and I'm committed to bringing value to you. I've been in real estate for 9 years and I've been doing it full time. I strongly believe that it’s a never ending journey of upgrading and learning, so that I can be amongst the best realtors.

To me, every home is unique; You may not be able to identify the unique parts to them, but to my trained eye its easy for me. When you're looking for a property, my detailed analysis will give you insight on the value of the unit. When you're looking to sell your unit, my creative marketing methods will make your home look very desirable.

Efficient and responsible are the two words my clients often use to describe me; Give me a missed call and I'll call back promptly. Even when i'm away, I have a team of more than 80 people supporting me so you will always be in good hands."

Instagram: @judytaypn

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