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My Heart on Me by Trina Young

This week, please join us and Trina Young, founder of My Heart On Me (MHOM). MHOM is a global movement of missional communities sparked by deeper relationship and continuous breakthrough.

Trina Young, My Heart On Me
Trina Young, My Heart On Me

Tell us more about My Heart On Me (MHOM). What was the purpose behind the movment?

MHOM is a global movement of missional communities sparked by deeper relationship and continuous breakthrough. An experience organically designed to sow Faith, Hope and Love back in the hands of everyday people. The purpose of MHOM is to help communities understand firsthand the power of deeper relationship and continuous breakthrough, and provide an avenue where we can understand what holistic wellness looks like. We do this intentionally through three social experiences, including workshops, coaching, and open community events.

Tell us more about yourself. What drive you to start this programme?

From a very young age I have always felt that there was a connection, somehow, between myself as an individual and humanity in general that could not be explained away. A consistent theme in my life has been the blessing of people seeing more in me than I do in myself. This is what I hope to bring to people.

Diversity in character, ethnicity, culture, society and personalities has always been an area of life that intrigues me. Being part of a multicultural city, you do not lack the visuals of seeing people of colour. It did, however, only mean more to me after I entered polytechnic and had been to a youth expedition to Chiang Mai as part of a sport pillar program.

During the trip, having been kindly awarded as the ‘best’ female (I quote because we had a bunch of best females/ males present during the trip, but as you know with these things..), had me wondering. I remembered my interaction with the locals with my teammates, and was left in a state of pure liberation to the diverse world we live in. Being up in mountains with the Hmong hill tribe, I was in awe. The words of our pledge took on a global meaning to me- regardless of race, language or religion, everyone desires to live and love.

From the age of 18, it became a subconscious tendency of mine to engage more in this space. Having been to Myanmar, Cebu and Boracay for the pure reason to be living with the locals- my heart had finally found a home.

With the lead up of events thus far in my life, I had a much needed moment during a seven-hour flight to Launceston, Tasmania, Australia to pour out my feeling, thought and desires onto the pages of a journal, where I was going to pursue my Bachelor's degree. The experience of reflecting and realising all that within a short seven hour flight to a foreign land as you can imagine is very hard to put into words.

However my soul knew that something is awaiting for me in Launceston. While departing the plane down the airstairs, I already felt at home to a place that was unlike where I had grown up in. From a cosmopolitan city with much hustle and bustle like Singapore, to a calm, quaint and serene place like Launceston, the differences were tremendous but the feeling of home was close. This was even before any interaction with the community.

When I was studying in Tasmania, the entire experience had been such a blessing to be in the maritime school of such diversity from the islands, to Middle East, to Africa, to Asia, and to Europe. It was a place destine for me to be. The perfect time and place of my life where I had truly been blessed by the people around, as I stepped out to be in community. I was gifted back with encouragement and empowerment to start MHOM, while pursuing my bachelor degree.

Thinking back, had my studies been in Hobart instead of Launceston, my experience would not have been the same. I am a fervent believer that there is a time and place for things under the sun.

What are the difficulties that you face when venturing into MHOM, and how did you overcome those difficulties?

Stigma, individualism, different cultures and traditions.

At the heart of why we do what we do, we believe that deeper relationship and the hunger to continuously breakthrough in life is a common language regardless of the challenges we face.

I’ve grown up in a family where regardless of where I am at in life, we can always do something to help, support and care for another. MHOM handles difficulties in the same spirit. We extend an open invitation to anyone who desires deeper relationship and continuous breakthrough. By continuing to love diversity and encourage it though our social experiences, we began to witness people discovering that regardless of where they were born and how they have been brought up, they grow stronger together when they take the time to listen, understand and encourage one another. Holistic wellness is an aspect of life which is important regardless of our daily challenges and difficulties.

What are your views on interpersonal relationships in today’s society, and how do you think we can improve them together as a community?

I think interpersonal relationship these days are very obligatory, and I do not mean that with any negative connotations. In the local (Singapore) scene, the progression from primary, secondary, tertiary, and university education is quite a straight road for many that often, the act of friendships either last a long time or they are short lived. Frankly speaking at some point of our life, the meaning and strength of our interpersonal relationship will reach a pondering point for everyone.

From a personal level, I have realised that is it important to start first by asking yourself questions like who are you and what do you stand for? If you’ve lived your life thus far knowing these things about yourself, the next thing to ponder on would be, do the people around you know who you are and what you stand for? Sometimes the answer is no and sometimes the answer is yes. Whichever it may be I’ll encourage anyone to not give up and keep trying to find that community (I don’t mean a posse people but a small committed and intentional group of people) whom you can openly share things about yourself whilst journeying with you. Sometimes all it takes to get that started is to let a person know that you simple need a place where you can feel what you feel instead of having to put up a front like you have it all together all the time.

The truth is no one has it all together and yet we struggle alone. This is why MHOM exists to encourage, equip and empower communities to talk about their wellness journey and to continually desire breakthrough together.

What is the greatest satisfaction you have gained since starting this movement? How do you define success based on your personal benchmark?

The greatest satisfaction for me is helping people realise the vision and values of MHOM in their lives on a deep level. I define success by these questions: What is my calling and purpose in this season of my life? What is one small step that I have I lived out with regards to my purpose and calling?

A lot of this steps are small but intentional personal efforts during my work and rest. Intentional efforts like being a listening ear, learning something new, reflecting on a stand out in my day, realising the truths and untruths in my life (is this what the world says or who I am), etc. My personal benchmark looks like a lot of the choices that I make day to day. I personally am not one that chases after experiences in life. Often, what drives me is being a supportive advisor to many.

Each of us are wired differently, and the subject matter of success is such a skewed one in my opinion. Even as I am sharing about my personal definitions each day is different as we are changing each day. Personally, I believe simply that we need to discover each day.

This is why the life coaching industry has excelled in the recent years. Aside from managing and running the MHOM movement, I found it extremely important that I intentionally avail myself as a life coach.

My goal as a coach is to help peopel implement strategies, techniques, and tools that will help them manage negative thoughts and emotions that are holding them back from living holistically well.

And if you ask me, that is my personal benchmark- to help people authentically and effectively.

Will you go through the same process if you have a chance to decide again?

Yes. Every struggle, disappointment, hurts, pains, and tears shed has led me to realise my calling in life - to encourage, equip and empower the communities through deeper relationship and continuous breakthrough.

What advice would you give your younger self, if you get a chance to?

Always discover faith and never lose your sense of wonder. There is something in you that only you can offer to this world. This something will take all your effort and intentionality each day to seek and find. You must know that only you have the power to slow and be present with your thoughts, feelings and desires. When you do that you will discover so much more to life.

What are you focusing on at the moment?

In 2018, we have been focusing on our online coaching platform which is the engine that drives MHOM as a movement. Our coaching platform, which is now live, can be accessed anytime and anywhere once you have expressed your interest via our website or any social media platforms. We conduct online coaching for Huddle groups, Individuals and couples. Also we’ve started an initiative call Let’s Talk About Wellness where people can come and share their journey through holistic wellness.

Where do you see My Heart On Me (MHOM) landing 3 to 5 years from now?

I hope to see MHOM as a global movement of many other missional communities. Communities are defined by us as individuals or groups- everyday heroes; a corporate, a parent, a brother, a sister, a small business owner, a student, a teacher, an entrepreneur, an artist, a musician, a hairdresser, a homemaker, etc.

We believe that by virtue of you being you, you have something to offer to this world.

MHOM extends a warm invite to anyone who shares in our vision and values.

As a movement, MHOM works in rhythms of gather and scatter; As we gather different a diverse community together, we hope to stand in the gap to provide a platform for deeper relationship and to empower sustainable continuous breakthrough in the lives of many. Diversity not just in race but diversity in our most authentic selves.

What this means is we encourage, equip and empower open hearted communities/ individuals to discover their most authentic selves- thereby being better able to love the world that we live in.

Last by not least, where can our readers out more about My Heart On Me (MHOM)?

You can journey with us through our social platforms:

Instagram - My Heart On Me




We hope to engage more with a global community by having workshops and open community event yearly in your city. If you would like MHOM to be in your city please write into us. To businesses, or individuals who would like to be a part of our community we would like to extend the invitation to collaborate and partner.

Holistic wellness is an intentional pursuit. Help end the silent epidemic by sharing your story.

Instagram - Let’s Talk About Wellness

Website - Let’s Talk About Wellness

Or you can connect with me (#thehumanistcoach) personally through

Facebook - Trina Young

Instagram - Trina Young

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